3 Different Things to Do to Get Pregnant Faster

Pregnancy achievement is not always easy, but with these three suggestions, you can at least make it more likely that you will get pregnant sooner rather than later. You will need to know when you are ovulating, you will need to plan sex a little bit more and you will want to focus on proper nutrition for both you and your partner (you can also visit IVF clinic to get more advise).

Tracking Your Ovulation

A woman is only fertile a few days out of the month and those days shorten as a woman ages. It is not impossible to get pregnant at just about any age. As long as you are ovulating, pregnancy is possible.

You can either use an ovulation prediction kit or you can chart your temperatures to find out exactly when your most fertile days are. Buy a basal thermometer and take your temperature every day for a month before you get out of bed in the morning. You should note when you have a distinct spike in your temperature. This will generally be the time you are most fertile.For many women this is around the 14th day of her cycle.

Planning Sex

While most couples want intimacy to happen naturally, you will need to plan to have sex at least once every other day that you are fertile. Having sex every day will not increase you chances drastically because you cannot get pregnant if you are not fertile. A man is fertile all the time, a woman is only fertile a few days each month.

Focus on Nutrition

Avoid excess alcohol and watch out for any drugs that might dehydrate you as they can affect the quality of cervical fluid. Men do well taking extra zinc and women do well to add folic acid to their diets to improve fertility.