A Beginner’s Guide to Essential Oils

Simply put, essential oils are organic compounds that are sourced from plants and their parts including roots, seeds, flowers, and bark. Contrary to popular belief, essential oils do not come in form of oil, as they are organic chemical compounds featuring complex configuration.

Essential oils are extracted using different techniques in order to capture the aroma, whilst successfully leaving unimportant components behind.

Essential oils are being used as complementary therapy in the management of illnesses and diseases. This means that essential oils may not be used to treat the cause of medical conditions, but instead provide physical, emotional, and mental relief only. It is also being used based on holistic principles to improve spiritual wellness too.

  • As majority of the chemical components of essential oil are less than 1000m in weight essential oils are easily absorbed by the skin.
  • You may also use essential oils in aromatherapy, which means that it can be readily absorbed into the bloodstream by inhalation. The blood vessels found in the lungs absorb the beneficial components and circulate them through various parts of the body.
  • There are some essential oils that can be blended with food making them nutritious edibles that promise to transform your health and wellness. Before consuming essential oils or using it as an ingredient to your next meal, make sure to check in with a medical herbalist for proper dos

If you are new to the uses and benefits of essential oils, there are certain factors that need serious consideration:

  • Check for the effect or end result that you want to get from using the best essential oils available. To add, you also need to identify what effect you want the essential oil to have in your environment.
  • Also check your budget before you purchase essential oils. There are essential oils that are hard to produce and thus are priced more expensive than others. For instance, it takes thousands of petals just to produce an ounce of essential oil. This makes it a very expensive product to buy. But if you do have budget, invest in essential oils that feature many uses and benefits instead.