Is it easy to cross over to Canada from the US? Planning on going there soon. (1)There is a misconception among many Americans that they can freely enter Canada with history of driving-under-the-influence arrest or prior conviction with the condition they are not driving. In truth, many passengers are denied entry for this reason. For instance, those who intend to cross via Victoria Clipper ferry between Seattle, Washington and Victoria, BC are routinely turned back due to their drunk driving records. Regardless of severity and frequency, drunk driving is considered a felony in Canada, despite the fact that it is only categorized as gross misdemeanor in the United States.

It is relatively easy for Canadian border police officials to identify people with drunk driving records. The United States and Canada share the same criminal database, thus making it easy to track convicts and criminals on the loose.

Travelling by plane will not make it easy for Americans with drunk driving record to enter Canada as well. Filling out a CBSA Declaration Card is standard when crossing the border upon arrival. Agents at the border are already aware of an individual’s criminal record even before entry. When questioned, it is best for individuals with DWI or DUI record to be honest and admit to such record. Denying any prior case will make things worse.

There are still Americans who cannot understand why Canada deems drunk driving as a serious offense. Unlike speeding, medical marijuana prescription, and getting intoxicated in public, driving under the influence is considered a felony as it places the lives of others in grave danger. Just like other countries, Canada will allow people with DWI or DUI to enter provided they carry special permission and pay the necessary fees. Why do individuals need to pay for entry? For the simple reason that the screening process costs the country money as well.

Despite the conditions for people with DWI or DUI prior to entry to Canada, the country is slowly relaxing its border crossing rules in recent years. The number of cases of Americans denied entry to the country has been steadily decreasing in the past few years. In order to gain entry to Canada without problems, individuals with DUI and DWI records to seek the help of an immigration lawyer; a professional that specializes in border crossing rules between Canada and the United States.

For other cases, such as students with DUI or DWI in the United States, applying for a student visa may prove to be problematic. Consequently, those who wish to obtain a work permit in Canada but have prior record of DUI and DWI in the United States may find it difficult to be approved of one too. In these cases, immigration lawyers will become instrumental in getting approved of both work permit and student visa. Processing papers by yourself and without the help of expert immigration lawyers will not only waste your time, but your possible opportunities in Canada as well.

By rule, Canada does not allow the entry of persons with DUI to gain entry. If for any reason a trip to Canada is urgent or important in nature, it is best to consult with an immigration lawyer to identify the eligibility requirements to gain entry to Canada. Interested parties may also contact Canada Border Services agency for more information.

There are also blogs that center on providing information to people who want to apply for a waiver without the help of r lawyer. These online platforms are excellent places where you can get details easily so you can move forward with your application. Lastly, you may also obtain DWI border crossing rules at for a more comprehensive and detailed information about gaining entry to Canada with prior DUI and DWI record.