Helicopter Pilot

The Basic Steps Involved In Helicopter Pilot Training Process

Man being able to fly is one of the greatest advancements to have ever been made that has shown how creative people can become once they put their minds to something. Flight is something really fascinating that one should try to experience at one point in life. It has even inspired young people to become pilots in order to transport people to various destinations of choice regardless of the physical terrain.

For one to become a helicopter pilot, they have to undergo training before they are certified to transport people. An introductory flight needs to be scheduled first for a given fee of course. From there, a certified instructor will be assigned to you where they will familiarize you with all the relevant details pertaining the training.

This is a technical course and thus for one to excel, you need to do some reading first before embarking to the ground school. After the introductory lesson, you will be required to fly for about 20 hours practicing on hovering, turns, takeoffs, descents, climbs, handling abnormal circumstances and landings with an instructor by your side.

The instructor will sign you off and you will be required to fly on your own for another 10 hours to places like nearby airports as you polish up on your skills. You will also be required to pass a FAA medical as well as a practical test in order to get a student pilot certificate. A medical check-up will make sure that you are in perfect condition as per the required standards of a private pilot.

The practical test involves an examiner who you will fly with as you show case the maneuvers you have learned. Only after passing both exams can one acquire a FAA pilot certificate. After acquiring the certification, one can fully experience the joy of flight with friends and family. A person is required to undergo the right channels for acquisition of a license to make sure that they do not endanger the lives of passengers on board during flight.

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