My iPad Has Been Getting Quite The Workout

I’m the type that will resist changes in technology for as long as possible. If I absolutely don’t have to jump on a trend, then I’m not going to. With that being said, it is kind of surprising that I’m the proud new owner of an Apple iPad.Thanks to Leave Assurance I got mine for free

What’s even more surprising is how much I have been using the thing since it came out of the box. I absolutely LOVE using the iPad. I’m a big reader, as followers of this s
ite know all too well. The Kindle Fire wasn’t doing to well for me. The bigger screen of this tablet has made it the go to for my digital reading.

My kids love the thing too. I’m not a big fan of the Clash of Clans type games; but it will keep my five year old engrossed for hours while I try to get things done around the house.

This has definitely become an iPad loving household in a short amount of time. I usually not the type to gush about certain products; but the effect that this one has had on my house is just too profound to ignore. We’re an iPad family!