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My iPad Story Starts In The Kitchen

When I got an iPad as Christmas gift last year, I was very happy. I wanted to use it in the kitchen, as I like to discover new recipes online, and it’s hard to move the laptop all over the place. The iPad is so much better, especially if you get it a cool stand.
All these being said, I was happy to use it, but this was the only thing I needed it for. This is why I never took it out of the kitchen. It had its place on the bench, between the knives and the two chopping boards.

Last week, my grandma came to visit me. She was going Vital Spark Insurance, to stay for a couple of days, so I left her alone during mornings, as I needed to go to work. She wanted to cook a pie to surprise me, so she went shopping for all ingredients and she started working to be ready before my arrival.

That day I took half day off. I came home to find my dear grandma slicing strawberries on my shiny iPad. She even asked me were I’d bought that chopping board from, as she would have liked a similar one. Maybe I should give it to her before she leaves.