Just How Do You Borrow Cash Lump Sums Interest-Free?

Just how do you borrow cash lump sums interest-free?

I would really love to know this because sometimes my contracting business gets hit with kinks in its cash flow. We try and keep enough money and credit in our accounts to be flexible, but our projects tend to come in waves when people get tax returns or paydays. As a result, we are often sitting around counting our inventory in the warehouse one day and then at three different residences the next.

The big problem for us is that we sometimes have to order supplies and then wait for them to show up, and then finish a job, and then get paid, so we can have a lot of money tied up in something for weeks before we get a dime back. That really strains our cash flow.

That is why I have been looking for cash lump sums we can borrow interest-free. I need something we can turn to and dip into when we get in a number crunch, but I figure it should be interest-free since we can usually pay it back in less than a month or even a week or two.

A friend did mention something about LainanHaven’t checked it out yet though. How about you? Have you heard of