Here Are Six Proven To Improve Your Breast Milk Supply

One of the biggest worries of new mothers is whether she will be able to supply enough breast milk for her newborn. We have listed down three tips that will help you boost your milk production so your baby will have adequate supply of milk all the time. (1)

  • Never stop nursing

Your breast will only supply on demand. This means that if you choose to pump milk often, your body will be stimulated to create more of it. Newborns experience rapid growth spurts making it necessary for you to pump more milk for him or her. In addition, when it seems like your baby is hungry all the time, this is actually a mechanism by which your newborn is conditioning your body to produce more milk for the succeeding stages after his or her growth spurt.

Never try to supplement your newborn’s diet with formula milk. For busy mommies, it may be difficult to dedicate time to nursing, but bear in mind that nothing is more precious and nutritious than mother’s milk. Always allot specific times of the day to express milk for your newborn.

  • Switch breasts while nursing

Frequent switches between breasts will place more demand on them to produce more milk for your newborn (this helped me make more milk for my baby). In addition, switching sides will prevent your baby from developing comfort sucking. Active eating guarantees that the breasts have adequate supply as both will be drained efficiently at the same time. Ideally, you need to switch at least two to three times per session.

  • Breast compression

The act of compressing your breast while the baby is continuously nursing will stimulate the let down reflex thus ensuring the breasts empty after every feeding.

  • Mother’s milk tea

The inclusion of fenugreek in your diet will stimulate the breasts to produce more milk. Fenugreek tea is completely safe for babies and mothers, but it may induce upset stomach for some mothers. Other side effects of drinking mother’s milk tea is bloating and gas.