What is a Minecraft Server?

Minecraft is a PC game that is popular among children and adults. It can be played either in single player mode or multiplayer mode. Single player mode is undeniably fun and creative, but if you want a bit more challenge, then you should be trying out the multiplayer mode with family, friends, and fellow Minecraft gamers.

The multiplayer mode can only be possible with connection to another computer. You may choose to use your local network or the Internet. The other computer is referred to as server. The server can either be a private individual running Minecraft under your local network that has activated the Open LAN feature on their game. You may also gain access to a serve by connecting to an online server (through minecraft server hosting).

To enter a Minecraft server, you need to activate the multiplayer mode found in the Minecraft main menu. You are given the ability to create a name once you are added and provided with the IP address. Part from the IP address, the addres can also be under a domain. Ideally, the domain should be used as name. This is due to the fact that IP addresses may change resulting in confusion among players.

 The Minecraft program allows for users to download and run the server software program. Even those with no Minecraft accounts may do so. Majority of servers are implementing customized versions of this software similar to Spigot. They allow custom plugins that deliver features that enable different specialized and unique games, items, and permissions within the game itself.

You too can run your own Minecraft server on your computer and have friends connect via local server. In the case that you want other people from around the globe to access your server, it is recommended to make the necessary modifications and adjustments to your Internet router in order for it to enable port 25565 to map to that computer. You may also utilize other ports. The only downside to this approach is that other people trying to connect will need to know the type or classification in that port too. With this in mind, it becomes easier for users to connect fast.

Although opening your server to other players is exciting, you now have limited control on your system. Most players will connect just so they can wreak havoc to your saved game. With this in mind, it is sensible not to open your server right away, especially among people you don’t know..